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Veenai Academy is one of the Best MBA Project Center in Trichy. Veenai Academy offers BBA / MBA projects in Finance, Marketing,HR and Operations for the BBA and MBA college students. All the management final year projects contain Synopsis, Objective, Nature of Company, Project Proposal & Introduction, Methodology & Data Points, Interpretation, Analysis, Recommendation & Conclusion and References & BibliographyRecommended as No.1 MBA project Center in Trichy | No.1 MBA project Center in Karumandapam, Trichy  by the various management college students in India.

We provide high class and end to end management training and guidance in Final year projects for MBA in Trichy at karumandapam,Trichy. Please call us to 888 333 0678 / 8610292654 / 9994587802 or give a cut call or fill up our online enquiry form to get more details about BBAProjects in Chennai | BBAProjects in Trichy for current year

MBA Project Report is one of the most important parts of your educational career. We know how hard to write a MBA Project Report as a student. Our MBA Project Report services in all specialization offers the best help to students to complete their MBA project report. We can help right from selection of project title, developing of synopsis/project proposal, complete data collection, drafting, editing & cross checking of project.

The MBA project topics for every year are carefully chosen by consulting industry experts, Educational professionals and student requirments.


Project Reports contain the following items:

  • Introduction
  • Review of Literature
  • Research methodology
  • Data analysis and interpretations
  • Findings and conclusions
  • Bibliography
  • Annexure
Sample Project Topic Areas: 
Students, Please find below the sample topic areas covered for the project. For more details, please contact usMBA Project Areas

Human Resources: Recruitment, Employee Relations & Engagement, Performance Management, Employee Grievances & Communication, Training & Development

Marketing: Marketing Research, Marketing Communication, Branding & Positioning, Social Media, Sales & Distribution,etc

Finance:Financial Management & Accounting, Cash & Treasury, Taxation & Investment, Equity, Audit, Risk & Insurance, Merchant Banking, Mergers


Marketing Project Title For MBA and  M.Phil

  • A study on brand positioning of Ayurvedic medicine
  • A study on customer relationship management of any retail company
  • A study on customer satisfaction on **(any company name)** commericial vehicle
  • A study on brand preference towards *****(any company name)
  • A study on growth popularity of online shopping in ***(any company name)
  • A study on service quality in ******(any company name)***ltd
  • A study on the customer perception with special reference to ****(any company name)
  • A study on competency mapping in **(any company name)** ltd
  • Study on product awareness towards e gold and esilver in ***(any place)
  • A study on marketing of networking products in ****
  • A study on dealer satisfaction and problem towards various ****( any product)
  • SERVQUAL – a tool to measure the service quality in ****(any company name)
  • Customer perception analysis in ****(any company name)** super market pvt,ltd,
Human Resource Project Title For MBA and M.Phil
  • Human resource management practices in ***(company name)** in Tamilnadu
  • A study on employee retention practices with specific reference to ***(company name)** in Tamilnadu.
  • Impact of Employee engagement on Employee Performance
  • Impact of Job Design on Employee Performance
  • A study on HRD climate and its impact on job performance in ******
  • A Study on Work Family Enrichment And Work Life Balance
  • A study on work life balance of the women entrepreneurs in ****** your district
  • A Study on work-life interference and the life-work interference
  • A Study on the work-life enrichment and life-work enrichment
  • A study on impact of rewards and recognition of employee in any organization
  • A Study on Factors influencing employee retention
  • A study to verify the welfare measures provided in the company with regard to job satisfaction
  • A Study on Effectiveness of Training and Development Programs in ****Ltd
  • A Study on Employee Work Stress in ***** Cement Corporation Ltd
  • Work Life Enrichment and Life Work Enrichment
  • Performance Appraisal
  • A Study on Employee Satisfaction In ****(Any Company Name)
  • A Study on Key Performance Indicators For ***** Bank
  • Work Life Balance on Teaching Faculty With Special Reference To *****
  • A Study on Employee Welfare Measures In ******
  • A Study on Stress Management Among Employees Of *****
Finance Project Title For MBA and M.Phil
  • Impact of Non- performing assets in **** employees cooperative bank ltd
  • A study on inventory management in **** engineering enterprises private ltd
  • A study on financial performance of **** life insurance
  • A study on improving material handling system in *****
  • Financial performance and working capital on various sectors in nifty index
  • A study on technical analysis in share market in India
  • A study on financial performance analysis of ***** sugars ltd
  • A study on investors investment decision in shares
  • A comparative study on financial performance and dividend payout of cement industries with special reference to ****cement ltd
  • Performance of the Indian mutual fund industry: a study with special reference to growth schemes
  •  Performance of mutual funds and investors behaviour
  • Performance evaluation of mutual funds in India: a study of equity and hybrid schemes
  • A study on investment patterns in indian mutual funds with reference to any city
  • Study on financial services provided By the share brokers with special Reference to ———– district
  • A study of the factors influencing the relationship between capital structure and cost of capital in —–
  • Management of working capital in ——( any two company) a comparative study


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