10th Social Science Important two marks

Two marks

1.          Write a note on the policy of Apartheid

2.          Write any three principles of the Pancha sheel

3.          Mention the important aspects of India’s policy for promoting peace?

4.          Why is World peace as essential one?

5.          India has rendered whole hearted support to the UNO-Justify?

6.          Name the areas identified by the SAARC countries for Mutual co-operation

7.          What are the National parties?

8.          Give Abraham Lincoln’s definition of Democracy?

9.          Give a brief note on the functions of the Election commission of India?

1.          What is per capita income?

2.          What is laissez-faire?

3.          Define national income?

4.          What is net domestic product?

5.          What is tertiary sector?

6.          Write any two needs for the study of National Income?

7.          What is privatization?

8.          What do you mean by globalization?

9.          What is mixed economy?

10.      Write a note on green revolution?

11.      Write a note on cottage industries?



1.          Name some of the Religions of India?

2.          What are the main physical divisions of India?

3.          Name the islands that belong to India?

4.          Name two well known holy places in the Northern Mountains of India.

5.          What do you understand by the tem natural resource

6.          Name the regions of heavy rainfall in India

7.          Write any two points on the importance of Himalayas.

8.          What are the byproducts of jute industry

9.          Name any four main characteristics of the tropical evergreen forest

10.      Name the mica products areas of India

11.      Name the factors determining the climate of india

12.      What are the types of agriculture

13.      What are the properties of fertile soil

14.      Name the cotton growing areas of India

15.      Name the five software centers

16.      Name the cotton growing areas of inida

17.      What are plantation crops

18.      Name the factors that determine location of an industry

19.      List out the major air pollutants

20.      Name the agro based industries

21.      What is meant by pollution due to e-waste

22.      What is water pollution

23.      What do you mean by monsoon?

24.      What is meant by “Noise pollution”

25.      What are the advantages communications network

26.      What is trade? What are the types of trade

27.      State the advantages of pipeline transport?

28.      What is the significance of Border roads?

29.      Define GIS

30.      What are the uses of GPS

31.      What is meant by remote sensing?

32.      Mention the basic components of remote sensing?



33.     Define Manufacturing

34.      What is Bio diversity?

35.     What are the major causes of water pollution?

36.      What do you mean by the “Burst of Monsoon”

37.      Give the meaning of shrub and thorn forest

38.      What are the main features of tropical monsoon type of climate

39.      What are the different types of monsoon

40.      What is meant by rain water harvesting

41.      Name the agricultural seasons in India

42.      What are the major determinant factors of agriculture

43.      Name any four mass communications used by the people?

44.      Mention any two applications of GIS?

45.      What are the disadvantages of Ground survey?

46.      What are the important aspects of disaster Risk reduction



1.          What is colonialism`

2.          Define imperialism

3.          What was the immediate cause of the First World war

4.          What are the organs of the league of nations

5.          Write short notes about Taiping Rebellion

6.          What were the causes for the great Economic depression

7.          Why did America enter into First World War

8.          What does the term “Fascism” mean?

9.          What were the causes for the Great Economic Depression

10.      What were the four pillars of Fascism?

11.      What was the immediate cause for the Revolt of 1857?

12.      Why did America declare war on Japan?

13.      What are the main objectives of the UNO?

14.      Write a note on the Scorched Earth Policy

15.      Mention some of the specialized agencies of the UNO

16.      Mention the initial member countries of the E.U

17.      Why was not the revolt widespread through India

18.      Mention the importance of Queen Victoria’s Proclamation

19.      Name the important leader and centre of the Mutiny

20.      Name some of the important moderate leaders

21.      What are the services rendered by the Arya Samaj?

22.      Write a note on the welfare measures  taken by Kamaraj

23.      Write a brief note on Vellore Mutiny

24.      Mention some of the poems of subramnia Bharathiar

25.      Why was Kamaraj called as “ King maker”

26.      Write any two objectives of Eleventh five year Plan?

27.      Why do we call periyar as ‘Vaikam Hero”


Important questions

28.      Write a note on National Industrial Recovery Act

29.      Why did Germany need colonies

30.      Mention any two terms of the Treaty  of Versailles

31.      Write about military imperialism

32.      List out any two causes for the failure of the league of Nations

33.      What did Hitler declare?

34.      How did Japan sow the seeds for Second World War?

35.     Write a short note on Swarajya Party

36.      What were the aims of Indian national congress

37.      What is the importance of the labore session of the congress?

38.      What are the teachings of vallalar?

39.      What was Mount Batten plan

40.      What are the principle objectives of EU?

41.      Write a short note about Subramaniya siva

42.      Write a short note on the cabinet mission

43.      Point out the impacts of social and religious Reform Movements in the 19th century?

44.      Mention the main principle of the Theosophical society?

45.      Mention the importance of Lucknow sessions of the Indian National congress

46.      What did Dr.S.Dharmambal do to the Tamil teachers?

47.      What do you know about Thiruppur Kumaran?


Geography – Differentiate

1.       Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats

2.       Western coastal plain and Eastern coastal plain

3.       GMT and IST

4.       Himalayan Rivers and Peninsular Rivers

5.       South west monsoon & north east monsoon

6.       Weather and climate

7.       Loo and Norwesters

8.       Windward side of the Mountains and leeward side of the mountains

9.       High rainfall region and Low rainfall region

10.    Summer rainfall and winter rainfall

11.    Renewable resources and Non-renewable resources

12.    Black soil and Alluvial soil

13.    Tropical ever green forest and tropical monsoon forest

14.    Metallic Minerals and Non metallic minerals

15.    Thermal electricity and Nuclear electricity

16.    Wind energy and thermal energy

17.    Commercial agriculture and subsistence agriculture

18.    Monocrop cultivation and dual crop cultivation

19.    land pollution and water pollution

20.    Kharif crops and Rabi crops

21.    Iron and steel industry and soft-ware industry

22.    Internal trade and international trade

23.    National Highways and State Highways

24.    Exports and imports

25.    Airways and waterways

26.    Roadways and Railways

27.    Bilateral Trade and Multilateral Trade



















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