10th Social Science – History- Important Caption Questions

1. Imperialism:

a)       What became the fashion of the later part of the 19th centrury?

b)       What was the ‘ Whiteman’s burdern’?

c)       Why were the European nations forced to acquire new colonies?

d)       What promoted the spirit of Imperialism?

2. league of Nations:

a)       Name the organizations which were founded before the league of nations

b)       Where was the headquarters of the league of nations situated?

c)       How should the member nations solve the problems?

d)       When did Japan capture Manchuria?

3. Balkan problem:

a)       Name the Balkan countries.

b)       How did the first Balkan war come to an end?

c)       Why did the other Balkan countries declare war on Bulgaria?

d)       What was the result of the second Balkan war?

4.Ambition of germany:

a)       Who was the ruler of germany during the first world war?

b)       What did he believe?

c)       What could not be tolerated by him?

d)       Where did he station a fleet?

5. Battle of Plassey and Buzar:

a)       Who was the Nawab of Bengal in 1757?

b)       Who introduced the subsidiary alliance?

c)       Name the policy of Lord Dalhousie?

d)       When was queen victoria’s proclamation issued?

6. Course of the war

a)       Give the duration of the First World War

b)       Who were called central powers?

c)       Who were called the Allies?

d)       What was used in the war?

7.Boxer Rebellion:

a)       What was the result of the Sino-Japanese war?

b)       Name the Island ceded by China to Japan.

c)       What led to the Out break of Boxer- Rebellion?

d)       What did the boxers do?

8.Franklin D.Roosevelt:

a)       When was the presidential election held?

b)       How was Franklin D. Roosevelt commonly known as?

c)       What was his election manifesto?

d)       Name the policy formulated by him?

9.Major achievements of the Uno

a)       Name the treaties signed by the UNO

b)       Where was the UN conference on Environment and development held?

c)       What was adopted by all the countries?

d)       How did UNO tackle suez canal crisis?

10.Causes of the second world war

a)       Name the treaty sighned by Japan, Italy and Germany

b)       Mention some of the ideologies that emerged after the first world war

c)       What was the policy followed by the statesmen of the major world powers?

d)       What did Hitler breach?

11.Facist Party;

a)       Who was the founder of Fascist Party?

b)       Give the slogans of Mussolini

c)       What were the aims of Fascism?

d)       What was the motto of Fascism?

12.Adolf Hitler

a)       Where was the Adolf Hitler born?

b)       What was his father?

c)       What did he organize ?

d)       Name the book written by Hitler?

13.revolt of Central India

a)       Who led the revolt at central India?

b)       Name the place captured by Rani Lkshmi Bai

c)       What was her end?

d)       What did Tantia Tope do?

14.The Theosophical Society

a)       Who was the founder of the Theosophical Society?

b)       Why was this society founded?

c)       Who was the president of this society in 1893?

d)       Where is the headquarters of this society located?

15.Revolt  at Kanpur;

a)       Who joined the rebels at Kanpur and with whom?

b)       What happened to the English?

c)       Who defeated Nana Saheb?

d)       When was Kanpur brought under British control?

16.Arya Samaj’

a)       What was the original name of Swami Dayanand Saraswati

b)       Who was his guru?

c)       What was his motto?

d)       What did the samaj advocate?

17.Brahmo Samaj:

a)       Who founded Brahmo Samaj?

b)       What were the languages learnt by Raja Rammohan Roy?

c)       Name the books written by Raja Rammohan Roy?

d)       What did Brahmo Samaj believe in?

18.Ramakrishna Mission

a)       Who was Ramakrishna Paramahamsa?

b)       Who founder Ramakrishna Mission/

c)       When and where was the parliament of Religious held?

d)       Who represented the Hindu religions at the Parliament aof Religions?


a)       When and where was Dr.B.R.Ambedhkar born?

b)       Name the sabha founded by Dr.B.R.Ambedhkar?

c)       How was he honoured by the government of India?

d)       Why did he lead the Mahad March near Bombay?


20.Political cause of the Revolt of 1857

a)       Who Indroduced Subsidiary Alliance?

b)       Name the policy introduced by Lord Dalhousie

c)       What was the order issued by the British against the Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah II?

d)       Why did Nana Saheb develop a grudge against the British?

21.Jallianwalla Bagh tragedy:

a)       Who were the prominent leaders arrested?

b)       Where did the people gather?

c)       Who was th British Military commander of Amritsar?

d)       What did Rabindranath Tagore do?

22.Self respect Movement

a)       Who started the self respect movement?

b)       Why was the started?

c)       When was it started?

d)       Name the laws passed by the government due to the constant struggle of self respect movement?


a)       How did he enter into politics?

b)       Where was he kept in prison in 1930?

c)       Where did he hoist the India National flag in 1947?

d)       When did he die?


24.Simon commission:

a)       Why was Simon commission appointed?

b)       Why was it an insult to the Indians?

c)       How was Simon commission greeted?

d)       Name the Indian leader who died during the Simon commission agitation.

25.The Mountbattern Plan

a)       Who became the Governor General of India in 1947?

b)       Who was the last British Governor General?

c)       What was The Mountbattern Plan?

d)       What was the reaction of the congress and the Muslim league?


a)       Where was he born?

b)       Why did he resign his chief ministership in1939?

c)       What did he introduce during his second term?

d)       Why is he often referred as Chanakya?


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