10th Geography – Differentiate between type Important Questions

Geography – Differentiate

1.       Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats

2.       Western coastal plain and Eastern coastal plain

3.       GMT and IST

4.       Himalayan Rivers and Peninsular Rivers

5.       South west monsoon & north east monsoon

6.       Weather and climate

7.       Loo and Norwesters

8.       Windward side of the Mountains and leeward side of the mountains

9.       High rainfall region and Low rainfall region

10.    Summer rainfall and winter rainfall

11.    Renewable resources and Non-renewable resources

12.    Black soil and Alluvial soil

13.    Tropical ever green forest and tropical monsoon forest

14.    Metallic Minerals and Non metallic minerals

15.    Thermal electricity and Nuclear electricity

16.    Wind energy and thermal energy

17.    Commercial agriculture and subsistence agriculture

18.    Monocrop cultivation and dual crop cultivation

19.    land pollution and water pollution

20.    Kharif crops and Rabi crops

21.    Iron and steel industry and soft-ware industry

22.    Internal trade and international trade

23.    National Highways and State Highways

24.    Exports and imports

25.    Airways and waterways

26.    Roadways and Railways

27.    Bilateral Trade and Multilateral Trade

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